Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving At The Zoo

Boston Daily Globe November 30, 1923

Animals in Zoo Given Thanksgiving Dinner

Codliver oil and garlic may not sound like the average person’s idea of a real Thanksgiving dinner, but they were two of the most popular dishes at the Franklin Park Zoo yesterday. Deputy Park Commissioner William P. Long, following the custom of some years, ordered a Thanksgiving dinner for the birds and beasts at the Jamaica Plain institution, and last night every one was happy, even Mutt, the hyena.

The codliver oil was for the two Polar bears, Pasha and Fatima, and the big beasts lapped the dishes dry and begged for more. As for the garlic it is Tony’s, the youngest elephant’s idea of white meat and fixin’s. Curiously enough Waddy, the other elephant, will not touch garlic, but ate the regular dinner of hay, bread and carrots with relish.

The other inmates received the “eats” which they love best. There was fruit of various sorts for the monkeys, mutton for the brown, black and grizzly bears, and so on down the long list.

Thanksgiving 1898.

Along with this somewhat pedestrian report from 1898, I'll at a link to an earlier entry - A Tale of a Turkeyless Thanksgiving.

Boston Daily Globe Nov. 25, 1898.

Thanksgiving Services of Protestant Churches at Jamaica Plain.

A union Thanksgiving service was held yesterday morning in the Universalist church on Rockview st, Jamaica Plain. It was attended by members of all the Protestant churches of Jamaica Plain, and held under the auspices of the Fraternal Council. All the members of the council - ministers of the various churches - assisted at the service, with the exception of Rev Mr Grose of the Methodist church, who was unavoidably prevented from being present.

Rev R.M. Hunt of the Baptist church read the opening responsive service. The offertory and hymn were given by Rev Mr S. Learman of the Episcopal church. Prayer was offered by Rev C.F. Dole of the Unitarian church and Rev C.L. Morgan read passages from the scriptures. Rev Mr Hildreth of the Episcopal mission of Boston read the Thanksgiving proclamation.

The sermon was preached by Rev W.R. Libby, pastor of the church. He took for his subject “Prosperity, Patriotism and Religion,” embodied in the proclamation, and said we should be thankful for the present prosperity, the genuine patriotism in the heart of the nation and the universal religion which seems to minister to our spiritual needs.

Wednesday, in response to the call of the Fraternal council, contributions of food were received by a committee appointed by the council, and yesterday more than 40 families in Jamaica Plain were provided for from the amount received.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Soldier's Memorials of Jamaica Plain

I finally got around to doing something I've been planning for a long time. I've put the soldier's memorials of Jamaica Plain on to a Google map to show their locations. Photos of the memorials can still be seen here. You'll need to zoom in to see the markers - at least until I figure out why I can't get a map of Jamaica Plain to show up here.

View Jamaica Plain Veteran's Memorials in a larger map

Friday, November 13, 2009

Veteran's Day Addition

William E. Canary Memorial, Centre street and South Huntington Avenue.

I just found another veteran memorial today, and since Veteran's Day has just passed, I figured I'd feature it rather than just add it to the existing veteran's memorial entry. I'll add these photos there as well. William E Canary served in the 101st Infantry Division, and lost his life at St. Mihiel, France, September 12th, 1918.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Colonial Megabucks!

Boston Evening Post July 20, 1761.

These are to inform the Publick

That the managers of the Roxbury lottery are now rolling the sixth class in order to draw the same on Wednesday the Fifth Day of August next; at which time they propose the Drawing said Class shall commence at the School House near Jamaica Plain in Roxbury; and such Persons as are desirous of being present at Drawing may give their Attendance at Time and Place accordingly. --- And as there are but few tickets remaining in the Managers Hands, those persons that incline to be Adventurers must buy speedily or they may be excluded. Tickets may be had of

Green & Russell in Boston

Roxbury, July
17, 1761.