Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sweet Nut Margarine

Sweet Nut Margarine trade card.


Best as a spread
On biscuit and bread
And best for making cake

In cookies and pastry
In makes them most tasty
And you want it whenever you bake

Benefit Brand Sweet Nut Margarine.
Sweet Nut Butter Company
Jamaica Plain Mass.

Sweet Nut Butter Company, 159 Green street (Bartlett Square) 1924. Click on map for larger image.

The plant was directly opposite the Inbound Green street train station, and set back from Green street itself. I had noticed the company name on the map, but this is the first time I've seen any other reference to the company. The building is gone, as are all the others from the old Bartlett Square, but for one. The small brick building (in red) towards the bottom of the page (away from Green street) is still there. The larger building running alongside the Sweet Nut plant (labeled John J. Meehan) is long gone.