Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Paul Gore Street Quarry

Paul Gore street, 2008. The stone wall rises to Cranston street behind the white garage in the background.

When I first read the first article below, I imagined that a block of exposed rock ledge had been crushed for gravel. It wasn't until I took a walk down Paul Gore street that I first saw the rock cliff that rises between Paul Gore street and Cranston street above. It was difficult to get a good picture of the rock face, but it runs along the north side of Paul Gore street and rises to Cranston and Sheridan streets for quite a way down Paul Gore street. There is a smaller but similar exposed rock face along the south side of Paul Gore street that rises to the houses along Oakview Terrace. I wonder if the rock climbers have any idea that this place exists.

Boston Daily Globe February 7, 1913

Stone Pile Caves In. Piscipo is Carried Through Chute in Jamaica Plain, Smiles and Resumes Work.

Frank Piscipo of 92 Quincy st, Roxbury, narrowly escaped serious injury while at work at a stone crusher on Paul Gore st, Jamaica Plain, yesterday afternoon.

Piscipo was working on a pile of crushed stone which caved in, carrying him along with it, half-buried, through a chute more than 25 feet long and landing him, feet foremost, on the loading platform.

Fellow employees, seeing him lying on the platform, motionless, rushed to his side, half expecting to find him dead. By the time they had reached him Piscipo had risen to his feet and declined all assistance, smilingly returned to his work, apparently none the worse for his unusual experience.

Boston Daily Globe May 14, 1923

Officer Praised For Saving Child Policeman Rescued Little Girl From Ledge Jamaica Plain Civic Association Commends Roy Bates

The Jamaica Plain Civic Association at its meeting in Boylston Hall yesterday afternoon voted to send a letter of commendation to Police Commssioner Herbert A. Wilson of the heroic act of one police officer and a letter of condolence to the familyof the late patrolman Oginskis.

The commendation recites the rescue from a perilous position on a 50-foot ledge on Paul Gore st of 10-year-old Catherine Curwen of 54 Danforth st, by motorcycle officer Roy Bates on the afternoon of April 29.

The little girl slid down the ledge about 20 feet and attempts of several citizens to rescue her with the aid of ladders proved fruitless. Officer Bates,who was off duty at the time, responded to an emergency call. He removed his rubber boots, slid down the ledge in his stocking feet, and brought the child to safety.

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  1. Do you know the origin of the cliff after all? I've been searching the internet for an answer and haven't found one yet. Thank you!