Thursday, July 17, 2008

Franklin Park Bear Dens

When men were men, and bears were out of luck. I left all these pictures full size to show detail. Click on the pictures to see the full versions.

Looking up at the approach to the bear dens.

From within the main bear cage, looking at the back right corner.

At the back of the main cage - bears stand guard over Boston - or are they attacking?

A bear's eye view, from inside the main cage.

Most of the doors at the back of the cage are sealed up. I had to crouch to shoot this picture inside the back wall of the cage.

The second cage, to the left of the main cage.

Not a happy place.

Inside the main cage - notice the round metal cage and barrel that protected a tree that grew within the cage.


  1. Thank you for these wonderful pictures of the bear dens. The fist time I visited these dens were 1949-1950 When our parents took us to Franklin Park for the Sunday outing. The park was a beutiful place back then. Many of the Egleston Square families and also the surrounding areas that were in walking distance of the park would go there fo outings with their families. I came back to egleston square for a visit(1973)and walked through wonderful memories, you see, we had the only home on Washington st (3088)I was dissapointed in what I saw. They say changed is inevitable ... Why?

  2. I don't know about the rest of the park, but the bear cages definitely needed to change