Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gas Lamps In Jamaica Plain

There was a web site that hosted photos of the gas lamps of Jamaica Plain, but it seems to be down, so I've put up my set of pictures. I've got a sneaking suspicion that I'm forgetting one, but I can't figure where it would be. If you know, please give me a shout.

I've already written about the use of gas in Jamaica Plain, including Perkins Got Gas and Jamaica Plain Gets Gas (I need to be more creative about my titles). The Jamaica Plain Gas Company began producing gas from coal at the site of today's English High School in the 1850s. Only the lamp at the corner of Burroughs street and the Jamaicaway sits on a public sidewalk - the rest are on private ways or private property. Let's hope the current owners take good care of them and pass them on to posterity as they found them.

Parley avenue.

Regent circle - off Burroughs street.

Allandale street (pair).

Union avenue - in a back yard.

Meehan place - off Green street.

Ballard way - off St Joseph street.

Burroughs street and the Jamaicaway.

38-40 Burroughs street - set back from the road.

Note: Thanks to the ubiquitous commenter Anonymous, I can add two more:

Spring Park Avenue, in front of 19R and 21A Spring Park Ave.

Paul Gore Terrace.


  1. 2 additional gas street lamps in Jamaica Plain are:

    Rear # 21 Spring Park Avenue

    Paul Gore Terrace

  2. Thanks - I knew there had to be at least one up that way.

  3. Thanks for sharing these Classics!

  4. thanks so much,great to see these lovely lamps surviving in 2011

  5. There are actually two on Paul Gore Terrace. Not sure when the second was installed or activated; i don't remember seeing it before.