Monday, January 11, 2010

So Near (Beer), But So Far Away

Boston Daily Globe May 2, 1924


Near-Beer Saloons Shut for License Hearings

Yesterday was dry day in Jamaica Plain. Not one near-beer saloon was open, pending the issuing of licenses by the Licensing Board. Saloonkeepers, doctors, lawyers and others pleaded with Capt Harriman to allow the saloons to open, pending the hearings on the applications for renewal of licenses.

But it was Capt Harriman’s day. He and Sergt Michael Healy have long wished to see the day when they would not have to be troubled with complaints regarding saloons. So Capt Harriman stood pat and wouldn’t budge an inch.

Today only two places were allowed to open, one on Amory st and the other at Boylston Station, both being in the good graces of the Licensing Board. All others will have to remain shut until the results of the hearings have been disclosed.

Sergt Michael Healy has worked incessantly in the Jamaica Plain section and his efforts, also those of Sergt Fitzpatrick and liquor officer Gaw, have brought good results.

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