Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Clark's Dry Goods

Here we have a trade card from Clark's Dry Goods, which was located in White's Block, Centre street opposite Burroughs street. Trade cards had been used for advertising throughout the 19th Century, but became broadly popular with the development of color lithography in the 1870s. By the early 20th Century, their time had passed, replaced by magazines.

Centre street, 1974 (White's Block in red).

White's Block, 1885. Cyrus White lived directly behind his store, on Brown place.

Eugene W. Clark and his shop show up in the 1873 West Roxbury Directory, and by 1885 the Boston Directory mentions a second location at Boylston railroad station, and a home at Maple place, opposite the then-new Police station. The 1905 Boston Directory lists the store and a new home location on St John street. The 1905 Directory also shows Eugene Clark listed as a clerk at the JP post office. A son, Eugene Jr., was employed as a draftsman in Boston, and lived with his father. By 1925, Eugene Sr. is gone, and Eugene Jr. is listed as a architect on Joy street, Boston, and living in Reading.

Just found: E.W. Clark's Dry Goods store, corner of Centre street and Seaverns's avenue.

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