Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hellenic College

Bacon estate, 1924.

I thought I had accounted for all the schools in Jamaica Plain, but I've just found that I missed one. Hellenic College is located mostly just over the Boston line in Brookline, but they do own a large plot of land along Prince street, overlooking Jamaica Pond. Here's an Associated Press article announcing the purchase of the former Bacon estate.

Plans for America's First Hellenic University Are Disclosed in Boston Today

August 5, 1939

Plans for America's first Hellenic University was, where disclosed today with the announcement that the Greek Orthodox Theological Seminary has purchased a 25-acre site in Jamaica Plain.

The property, known as the Gaspar Bacon estate, is adjacent to the present 35-acre layout of the seminary, just over the line in the town of Brookline.

The seminary will be the nucleus of the planned university in which those of Greek birth and antecedents are expected to contribute 100 million dollars.

The university, however, will be non-sectarian, although continuing a heritage of Greek culture.

Judge John C. Pappas, who purchased the property on behalf of the seminary, said chapters to foster the university will be established throughout the country.

"Spyras Skouras of New York and California, prominent businessman and industrialist, will lead the campaign for the 100 million dollars," said Pappas.

Pappas and his brother, Thomas, formerly in the diplomatic service, Angelo Cotsidas and Theodore Tonna are underwriting the first structure, a $250,000 building which will contain classrooms, library and gymnasium.

Here's an article on Gaspar Bacon.

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