Thursday, October 25, 2007

Not a Neighborhood

In my first post on this Jamaica Plain blog, I just wanted to get that off my chest. Jamaica Plain is not a neighborhood. Hyde Square, yes; Forest Hills, sure. But Jamaica Plain is not a neighborhood any more than the town of Walpole is a neighborhood. A neighborhood is where the people you know live. It's the place your children play, and the the stores you walk to. When I saw that the City of Boston web site was calling Jamaica Plain and Dorchester neighborhoods, I knew that the carpetbaggers had taken over. Let's get this clear, City Hall; Dorchester, Hyde Park and West Roxbury is where the neighborhoods are, not what the neighborhoods are.

Now that I've purged that pet peeve, on with the show!

Here's an item from the Boston Globe, December 3 1908

Cow Tramples On Meredith

Animal Runs Amuck in Jamaica Plain.

Charges Would-Be Captors With Lowered Horns.

Last Seen Going Toward Franklin Park.

A black and white cow ran amuck yesterday noon in the heart of Jamaica Plain, knocking down at least one person, demolishing fences and causing a panic on the streets of the district.
Jeremiah Meredith of 15 Call st, Jamaica Plain, was trampled on by the infuriated animal on Williams st, near the railroad bridge of the New York, New Haven & Hartford railroad and his head was badly cut. A report that a woman was attacked by the cow at the corner of Blue Hill av and Seaver st the police were unable to verify.

The cow was first seen acting in a peculiar manner on Rockview st, Jamaica Plain, about noon. Its antics soon attracted the attention of people on the streets, and some men endeavored to catch the animal: but when the cow reared and kicked and charged at them with horns lowered most of them went on their way.

Some however, followed the vicious animal as she nimbly jumped fences and tore at furious speed through yards of houses making her exit from the enclosures by breaking down other fences.

As the infuriated cow was passing through Williams st, followed by a large number of men, women and children, who gave it a wide berth, Jeremiah Meredith endeavored to intercept its flight. He put his arms about the cow's neck, in an effort to hold her, but the cow shook him off and then trampled on him as he lay in the street, cutting his head severely.Patrolman O'Brien of division 13 at this moment appeared on the scene, but the cow continued its wild run though Williams st toward Franklin park, while the police officer assisted Mr Meredith to his home.
Who the cow belongs to, whence she came or whither she disappeared are still mysteries to the police of the Jamaica Plain station. It is thought the animal may have been bitten by a dog affected with rabies.


So did you know that there were cows in Jamaica Plain in 1908? Neither did I.

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