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School Days

Hopkins, G.M. 1874 ( copyright © 2000 by Cartography Associates)
David Rumsey Collection

This entry was taken from the classified section of the Boston Globe. Much has been written about the Boston Public school system, usually beginning with Boston Latin school. Usually lost in the discussion is the fact that much of today's Boston was not part of the city when Boston Latin was founded. Jamaica Plain was part of Roxbury until seceding as part of the Town of West Roxbury in 1851. Then, at the same time the school below was advertising, West Roxbury voted to be annexed to Boston. At the time, there were few schools in Jamaica Plain, and private schools were a common choice. My impression is that girls often went to private schools until annexation to Boston made free public education available. This school was clearly aimed the children of the well-to-do, and it sounds like they were marketing to Boston proper as well as Jamaica Plain locals. The map above was published the same year. Although May Street isn't labeled, it runs between Pond and Centre Streets. Don't be confused - there was no Arborway at the time.

Boston Daily Globe September 19, 1872

Jamaica Plain Collegiate And Commercial Institute On Pond Street, Opposite May Street.

Preparation for Business, College, Ladies' Institutes, American and European Universities, Civil, Military and Naval Service. A separate room for each class. Also, a Primary Department for young children.

PRIVATE LESSONS to ladies and gentlemen at the Institute or their own residences in Boston and vicinity.

LANGUAGES: French, German, Italian, English, Latin, etc.

SUMMER AND WINTER BOARD on moderate terms. Spacious, healthy, and delightfully situated play-grounds (about three acres), at a short distance from Jamaica Pond, permit various exercises in the open air, such as Horseback, Gymnastic, Swimming, Hunting: also; Field Games, which offer ample opportunities for the practice of FRENCH CONVERSATION, in addition to daily study,frequent Readings, Parlor Games, "Conferences Literaires," and performing of French Plays.

Apply at the JAMAICA PLAIN COLLEGIATE AND COMMERCIAL INSTITUTE on Pond street, opposite May street. Steam-cars from the Providence Railroad train-house, foot of Eliot street. Fare: One dollar for 12 tickets. Stage from the Jamaica Plain station to the Institute, Fare one dollar for 14 tickets. Horse-cars every half-hour from Tremont House, Boston, to the Soldier's Monument, Centre street, Jamaica Plain - a short way from May street.

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