Monday, September 8, 2008

Jamaica Plain Vice

I've written about crime in 1870s Jamaica Plain, so it's only fair that I add this entry I found recently regarding a police action in the 1970s. The following is taken from a police report that made its way in to the records of the building permits department. What we have here is the intersection of technology and changing social norms that came out of the post-War years all across America. The location described below is now a popular restaurant at the top of McBride street near South street. I don't remember the event, although I'm sure I heard about it at the time. I also have no doubt that I would have known many of the five hundred (!) present. As the events are contemporary - or at least contemporary to those of us of my age - I've decided to leave out the names of those arrested. My how times have changed!

City of Boston - Police Department

Division 13

Date of Report: November 9, 1973


Location: 5 McBride street, J.P.

Date and time: November 6, 1973, 9:15 pm

Description of premises: One story wood and brick cafe.

Arresting and Searching Officers: Captains Bulens & Quinlan, Sergt. WT O'Brien, Dets. Smith & Bradley (13), Dets Miller & McCormick (VCU).

Crime(s) Charged: Exhibiting obscene film, allowing premises to be used, hindering & delaying investigator of BPD by refusing to open locked door, overcrowding of limit of 169 to 500 persons on premises, no license to exhibit film or conduct amusement at any time.

Property seized: $744.00 US Currency, 150 admission tickets, one closed circuit TV cassette reproducer by which film was displayed over TV receivers on premises.

At about 9:15 p.m., Tuesday, November 6, 1973, within named police officers abetted by Search Warrant #03929, issued in West Roxbury Court, entered within described premises and found 500 persons, each having purchased admission tickets of $5.00 each, viewing obscene film entitled "Deep Throat" on TV receivers on the premises furnished by cassette reproducer seized on premises as evidence.


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