Monday, September 15, 2008

Lost Green Street

Cor. Green and Oakdale, 1905 (J.P. News)

Bromley, 1905 (BPL)

The picture above comes from an advertisement in the Jamaica Plain news for E.M. Fisher's Cold Blast Market. The store was at the no longer present corner of Green and Oakdale streets. It is now the corner of the Green Street playground, along the Southwest Corridor park and cross-corner to the Green Street Orange Line station. The store was featured two entries ago as the A.J. Ford Cold Blast Market, so apparently the name remained as management changed. In the map above, the building is owned by Gertrude C. Marsh. If you select the picture and blow it up to full size, you'll see that two trees grew up in front of the building, apparently right through an extended roof/awning over the sidewalk. This is the first picture I've ever seen of this building, so I though it was worth presenting on its own.

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