Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lost and Found, 1818

The toll-house referred to below was in today's Forest Hills, where you paid to use the turnpike - now Washington street. The turnpike had only been there for about twenty years at this time, and someone may have been driving their cows through on their way to market when one wandered off.

I think it would be nice to return the toll gate name to Forest Hills in some manner. Forest Hills was first applied to the cemetery, and was an early version of those rural names used to entice suburbanites into a new housing developments.

Boston Intelligencer, March 21, 1818

Taken up

On the 6th inst. by the subscriber, a small brindle COW. The owner may have her by paying charges, and applying to JOSEPH M. WELD, near the toll-house on the Dedham Turnpike, Jamaica Plain.

march 21

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