Friday, January 30, 2009

Farmer Curley Goes A' Plowin'.

If you click on the image above, you may be able to see the famous shamrocks in the window shutters.

An earlier entry discussed the gardens of the boys of the Agassiz school during World War I. Here, we have the mayor encouraging victory gardens at his own home. Somehow, I suspect that James Michael didn't spend much time in his back yard after the picture above was taken.

Boston Daily Globe April 26, 1917


Plows Up a Lot Near His Home in Jamaica Plain Large Enough to Produce a Winter's Supply.

Dropping for a few hours the task of directing the affairs of Boston, the Mayor plowed up a lot next to his home in Jamaica Plain yesterday. Ever since the war was declared backyard gardens have occupied municipal attention. Mr Curley was an ardent supporter of the idea.

The Mayor's garden is in the rear of his beautiful residence and is a typical backyard institution. He made only one mistake in his job of plowing. He did not take off his collar. After a few minutes John C. Broadhead, supervisor of backyard gardens for the School Committee, happened to ride past just in time to see him pause, haul out a large handkerchief and begin tucking it around his neck.

Mr Broadhead roared out his greetings to his fellow-farmer and the Mayor's face expanded in a vast smile. James Junior is in for some healthy weeding this Summer, for the Mayor's garden plot is no 10 by 10 affair. The Mayor intends to raise enough produce to supply his Winter needs and the plot he plowed will give him plenty of room.

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  1. Funny, I was just thinking about shutters with cutouts this morning. I love them - put them on any house and I am instantly smitten no matter how plain the house otherwise.

    Your blog is simply fantastic. I'm so happy to have stumbled upon it and have bookmarked it to come back and read more. It is chock a block full of things that are right up my alley.