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Going Out Of Business Sale

Studying local history is like looking at a room through a keyhole at arm's length - you start out knowing that you can only ever know a tiny fraction of what's there. In this case, we get a look at George and Sarah Belford. George seems to have been a nurseryman of some repute, and we can reasonably suspect that he left this mortal coil some time before the first article was published. He also had quite a business going, providing plants to the farms, orchards and gardens of Jamaica Plain.

The turnpike referred to is, of course, today's Washington street. The new street mentioned in the second article may have turned into either Union avenue or Cornwall street - both are present on an 1858 map. It's probably a coincidence, but a nursery/greenhouse shows up on an 1874 map at the edge of Union avenue, where the football field is now.

Some of the plant names were difficult to read - I think I got them mostly right.

The Boston Daily Atlas August 29, 1854


West Roxbury.

Administratrix's Sale.

Great Sale of 100,000 Fruit, Ornamental and Forest Trees, Shrubs and Plants, at auction.

On Friday, Sept 1, at 2 o'clock P.M. at Mrs. George Belford's Nursery, Green street, Jamaica Plain, near the depot.

Will be sold at public auction, about 100,000 splendid Fruit, Ornamental and Forest Trees, Shrubs, Plants, (?) all in a flourishing state. In the collections are fifteen of the most celebrated varieties of Pears, such as the Bartlett, Washington, Flemmish, Beauty, Joe; Cherries, Apples and Quinces, fine varieties; also, English scarlett Oak, Butternuts, Hemlock, Spruce, white Pines, Arbor Vitae, Spirus Sopifolia, Lilacs, Tulips, Weeping Willows, Italian Aspen, Limes. Also 10,000 Buckthorn Plants, hedges - a large collection of the best Roses, Herbaceous Plants and Shrubs, &c.

The trees can remain in the ground through the autumn, or until the season for transplanting.

Catalogues may be obtained of Mrs. Belford, at the Nursery, or of the auctioneer.

Terms liberal.

By order of the Administratrix

West Roxbury, August 22, 1854.

The Boston Daily Atlas April 12, 1855


Valuable Building Lots at Auction.

Tomorrow, April 13, at 3 1/2 o'clock, P.M., on the premises.

Will be sold at public auction, six building lots of Land, belonging to Mrs Sarah Belford, situated on Turnpike and Green streets, Jamaica Plain, in West Roxbury, and near Jamaica Plain Railroad Depot.

Lot No. 1 contains 7980 feet - No. 2 7980 fronting on Turnpike street - No. 3, 7980 - No. 4, 7980 - No. 5, 3120 - No. 6, 3120 feet, fronting on the new street made through this land from Green street. This is part of the estate where that celebrated Gardener, the late George Belford, resided.

Mrs. Belford will sell the above lots without reserve. For plans and further information, please apply on the premises, or of the Auctioneer. Conditions liberal.

Jamaica Plain, April 7, 1855.

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