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Land For Sale

Wallings, H.F. 1858 (BPL)

Addendum: you can now see the plan for this land auction here, dated 10/23/1855, in the BPL online collection. Very cool.

Double addendum (10/22/08) - I'm adding this surveyor's plan dated 8/21/1858 and 8/12/1859, by William A. Garbett, for a later owner, Lawrence Litchfield. The lots are a little different, and a few have already been sold, including the Baptist Church property. Click on the plan to see a much larger version.

The land in question appears to be the plot that was to become Myrtle street and its associated houses. For some reason, the City of Boston street history book lists Myrtle street as being accepted in 1876, when the Hopkins map for the area shows it already lined with houses.

Note that the word Land is capitalized. I assume it's a holdover from the 18th century practice of capitalizing nouns, as found in German. I would have assumed that the practice had fallen out of favor by the 1850s. Also, at this time, Centre street had been renamed Austin street when the town of West Roxbury split from Roxbury in 1851.

Boston Daily Atlas October 20, 1855

Trustees Sale of Beautiful Building Lots on Jamaica Plain.

Pursuant to the will of the late John Dorr, Esq., deceased, and by order of John Dorr, Charles Hayward and Peter W. Freeman, Trustees, will be sold by public auction, On Tuesday, Oct. 23d, at 3 1/2 o'clock, P.M., on the premises.

A large and valuable lot of Land, containing between five and six acres, situated on the westerly side of Austin street, Jamaica Plain, directly opposite the head of Green street.

This is one of the most desirable situations for the erection of genteel residences now for sale in the vicinity of Boston. It is in about the centre of the village of Jamaica Plain, upon the main street, within a very short distance of the depot in Green street -- and the Land is of the best description for cultivation. It will be sold in lots of from about 12,000 to 25,000 feet each, affording a very favorable opportunity for those who desire to be found in the neighborhood.

Plans of the premises will be prepared in advance, and may be had, with other particulars, on application to either the Trustees, or to the Auctioneer.

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