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Achorn: Honored Lawyer and Dead-End Street

As a follow-up to the previous entry, this post identifies the source for the name of a small dead-end street that was probably part of the 19th-century White estate. Achorn Circle is off the west side of South street, between Bardwell and Custer streets. Mr Achorn lived on South street at the head of what would become Achorn circle in 1896, as shown in this map. At the time, in place of Bardwell street you see Hathaway street turning the corner from Centre to South street around the Weld estate.

Boston Daily Globe July 15, 1922

Edgar O. Achorn Honored By Sweden Decorated With Order of Vasa by King

At a dinner held in his honor at the Copley-Plaza Hotel, last evening, Edgar O. Achorn of Jamaica Plain was decorated with the Order of Vasa, at the instance of His Majesty, the King of Sweden. Olof H. Lamin, the Royal Swedish Consul General, conferred the decoration

In the presentation speech Mr Lamin said that he considered it a high honor to be allowed to transmit this decoration, which was conferred upon Mr Achorn for the high esteem in which he is held for the work he has done to help the Government of Sweden.

Upon receiving the decoration Mr Achorn replied to the Consul General: "I am confident that the business of no consulate, taken as a whole, either of Sweden or of any other country, has been handled with greater dispatch, greater fidelity to the interests of its nationals, greater success that this business of the Boston Consulate. May I ask that you will cause to be expressed to His Majesty, through the channels of the department, my deep sense of appreciation of the great honor he has done me, my grateful thanks for the same and my wish for his long continued health and happy reign."

Mr Achorn has been the legal adviser for the Swedish Consulate here in Boston for over 15 years.

Among those present were Vice consul Carl W. Johansson, Dr Ivan Contervall, A. Konrad Johnson and Sanford Bates, law partner of Mr Achorn and Commissioner of Corrections.

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