Friday, May 30, 2008

Dancing In The Streets

Boston Daily Globe August 25, 1920

Dance In Street In Jamaica Plain

Fully 10,000 Enjoy the Innovation in District

The novelty of dancing in the street to the strains of a jazz band was provided for residents of Jamaica Plain last night by the Boylston Hall Recreation Center, and fully 10,000 persons, men, women and children, enjoyed the innovation.

Visitors to the roped-off area of Amory st, between Minton and Porter sts, were not confined to the residents of the district and all who came were welcome to participate. The affair was voted as unqualified success.

Amory st, where the dance was held, has an asphalt surface, as smooth as a dance hall floor, and this was covered with cornmeal, which accentuated the smoothness of the surface, No additional lights were provided, as the arc lights used for lighting the street are of sufficient power.

Miss Elizabeth Paine, director of the Center, and Mayne Holdsworth, physical director, were in charge of the dancing, assisted by a committee of 50 men and women.

The Jamaica Plain Town team, the West Roxbury champions and the Jugaleers of West Roxbury, were special guests of the evening. Several candidates for political office appeared during the evening, but no addresses were made. Dancing continued from 7:30 till 11.

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