Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cuban Youth Dies At Jamaica Pond

If you thought that Jamaica Plain's first Latinos arrived in the 1970s, think again. Stephen M. Weld and Charles W. Greene both operated private schools for boys in Jamaica Plain, and both accepted Cuban students. The origin of the Cuban connection is a mystery to me. I assume they came to prepare for Harvard, but how did they find these Jamaica Plain schools from Cuba?

Daily Atlas July 8 1845

We are grieved to state that an interesting youth, Miguel Aranguren, aged 17, from Havana, a pupil at Mr Greene's Academy, Jamaica Plain, was drowned, yesterday after noon, between 5 and 6 o'clock. He had been visiting friends in Boston, and only returned a few minutes, before he repaired to the pond to bathe, and met with his untimely fate. More than half an hour elapsed before his body was recovered. Medical assistance was at hand, and every means employed, for three hours, but in vain. Dr Addison, Surgeon of the Ohio, was passing by, and kindly lent his able efforts. Mr Greene has been employed in education for twenty-six years -- has had more than five hundred young gentlemen under his care, and never but one has died at his house. Those who know his unwearied and parental oversight of the lads committed to his charge, will sympathise with him and his lady in this painful event. The deceased was a young man of full growth, and regarded by all as able to protect himself. The boys of the School are never permitted to bathe alone. The deceased was accompanied by his cousin, a youth of 16.

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