Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bull For Sale

The gentlemen farmers of Jamaica Plain took part in the agricultural improving efforts of their time. Here, Capt. John Prince returns as a member of the Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture. The bull being disposed of was called an Alderney at the time. This name was used in England to refer to cows coming from either the Channel Islands or from the nearby French coast. Alderney was the closest shipping point to England, and the English did not distinguish animals from particular islands at the time. Similar animals are now known as the Jersey breed, the name coming from another of the Channel islands. They were are are still favored for the high butterfat content of their milk. Perhaps this was one of the first Alderney/Jersey cows to be imported to Massachusetts and the United States.

American Federalist Columbian Centinel October 11, 1823

Alderney Bull for sale.

The very fine full blood ALDERNEZ(sic) BULL, which was presented to the Massachusetts Society for promoting Agriculture, by John Hubbard, Esq. This breed is considered in England, as superior for the richness of their milk, making considerable more butter from the same quantity of milk, than any other breed. He is now two years and three months old, is in fine health, and a gentle animal, and may be seen at the farm of John Prince, Esq. Jamaica Plain, Roxbury. For terms of sale, which will be very liberal, apply to JOHN LOWELL, Esq or said PRINCE, of Roxbury.

If the above animal is not previously disposed of, he will be at the Public Sale at Brighton on THURSDAY 16th October, at 12 o'clock.

Roxbury, 30th Sept. 1823

Source: The Alderney Cow.

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