Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another School That Never Was

Here's another within-my-lifetime tidbit that I didn't know about until recently (see the entry about Don Bosco here mater - was eventually moved to the ). There was a proposal to build a new Boston Technical high school - later the John D. O'Bryant school - on Franklin Park land near Forest Hills. The plan was blocked, and the school - my almaRoxbury Memorial building on Townshend street between Warren street and Humbolt avenue in 1958. I actually think it would have been a good idea. Access to the Arborway and Forest Hills transit stations was next door, and a new building would have been nice. And not being one to worship at the alter of St. Olmsted, I can see better use for land than as a resting place for dog waste, which that end of the park seems to be now.

I wonder if my Boston Tech letter jacket is still hanging up in Mom's basement...

Jamaica Plain Citizen July 11 1957

Franklin Park Site Sought For School

Mayor John B. Hynes and the Boston Parks and Recreation Department can save Boston taxpayers a half million dollars in property valuation if they would get together on giving a few acres in Franklin Park to the Boston School Committee for the building of the Boston Technical high school, according to school committeeman John McMorrow. The Boston Finance Committee lashed the School Committee recently for seeking to buy 10 acres to relocate the school. McMorrow said that he agreed with the Finance Committee that 10 acres is too large for the site.

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