Friday, January 18, 2008

Agassiz School - And The Old Homestead

Brewer street, 1960s

Taking a break from Franklin Park entries...

OK, so it's a picture of my old house, with the "new" Agassiz school in the background. I just found the picture in a box, and I figured I'd make it available to anyone who wanted to see the school again. I believe the address of the school was Burroughs street, but the main entrance was on Brewer. Go figure. I believe our house was at least the second on the property. Maps show a building with a different footprint on the property from 1874 to 1905, and then this building shows up in 1914. In the back hall on the second floor there was an ice box on the platform and a gas lamp in the wall. In the living room there was a faux fireplace with a cast metal "log" gas fixture that was not connected. By the time I was waking up for school, the earliest children would already be in the schoolyard outside my window. The schoolyard beside the house was our "ballfield", and my mother always had to get after us to use rubber balls to protect the windows.

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