Friday, January 18, 2008

Curling On Scarboro Pond - 1903

Boston Daily Globe January 11, 1903

Play The Old Scotch Game.

Boston Curling Club Defeats the Country Club The Country Club's Representatives at Scarboro Pond, 46 to 36.

The Boston curling club and Country club of Brookline representatives met yesterday afternoon in a friendly match on the ice at Scarboro pond, Franklin park, the Boston curling club winning 46 to 36.

Three rinks were organized and the sport was enjoyed by all the participants. The ice was planed especially for the occasion, and although it was extremely keen, it had a bias which affected shots somewhat.

The first rink, skipped by Wrenton of the Boston curling club and Stevens of the Country club, had a tie score 13 to 13. The second rink went to the Boston curling club, Weinys'(sp?) four having a total of 21 to Jaques' 12. The third rink had a close contest, the Boston men winning by one point. The summary:

[scores followed]

The two curling clubs will meet in the national district medal series Saturday, Jan 24, at Scarboro pond, Franklin park.

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