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World Series Winnning Manager - JP Resident

Bill Carrigan as a catcher. (photo: Library of Congress)

Until last year, Bill Carrigan was the only Red Sox manager to win two World Series championships. Starting with the Sox as a catcher, Carrigan's teams won championships in the
1915 and 1916. He also lived for a time in Jamaica Plain, in the Arborway Court apartment building near Forest Hills. The building, and Fordham Court on South street, were both owned by the owner and President of the Red Sox, Joseph Lannin.

Mr Lannin, a real estate tycoon, must have lived in one of his Jamaica Plain buildings as well, because he was described in a later article as a parishioner of St Thomas' church. In fact, when the Red Sox went to the World Series later in 1915, Lannin brought Fr James Sherry of St Thomas with him as a guest - the same Fr Sherry who performed the marriage of Bill Carrigan and his wife, as described below.

So how long did Carrigan live in Jamaica Plain? We know that he won a law suit in which he was a defendant, involving an auto accident that occurred at the intersection of Centre and Orchard streets on September 5, 1914. That's not much of a window, but it's all I've got for now.

The Jamaica Plain Historical Society baseball article discussed the Lannin connection to Jamaica Plain. You can read more about Bill Carrigan here.

Boston Daily Globe January 6, 1915

Bill Carrigan Married Again

Ceremony Performed by Rev Fr Sherry.

Red Sox Manager Attended by Eddie Riley as Best Man.

Wedding in Rectory of St Thomas Church.

William F. (Bill) Carrigan, manager of the Boston American League team, and his bride of six days, who was Miss Beulah Bartlett of Lewiston, Me, were married according to the precepts of the Roman Catholic Church last evening.

The ceremony was performed by Rev James P. Sherry, assistant pastor of St Thomas Church, Jamaica Plain, at the rectory at 7 o'clock. Sec Edwin Riley of the Red Sox was best man, and Miss Anna L. Cahill of Brighton attended the bride.

Following the ceremony, Mr and Mrs Carrigan returned to their apartments at Arborway Court, Forest Hills, where they received the congratulations of a few intimate friends.

The announcement last Wednesday of the wedding of Carrigan and Miss Bartlett, who were friends and neighbors since childhood in Lewiston, caused considerable surprise. The first ceremony was performed by Rev Charles Hosea Temple of the First Universalist Church of the Redeemer at the home of the clergyman in Lewiston. On Thursday the bride and groom arrived in Boston and announcement of the marriage was made by Carrigan, through Sec Eddie Riley.

Although Carrigan and his bride succeeded in secreting themselves from friends in this city, the groom immediately instituted steps to have a ceremony performed by a clergyman of his own faith, and since his wife is a Protestant, it was necessary to secure a dispensation for his marriage with the rites of the Catholic Church.

The dispensation was secured and Riley, a close friend of the groom, and Miss Cahill, sister of Billy Cahill, a former Holy Cross athlete, agreed to attend the bride and groom.

Boston Daily Globe: October 8, 1915, January 19, 1916.

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  1. does anyone know when this building was sold to the Baskin brothers. Think it was Carl & Louie,but not sure. thanks, My grandfather was janitor here when I was small,so many good memories