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Jamaica Cycle Club - In The News

During the late 19th Century, the cycle club news was a regular feature in the Boston Globe. I've copied out a representative set of such notices here, taken from larger articles featuring clubs from around the Boston area. Where I could, I used the Boston Directory of 1905 to determine the address and profession of some of the members mentioned. Most would be called working class men - machinists, delivery men, printers, with clerks who were probably earning similar money to their blue collar co-members. The articles below show that the club was much more than a bicycle rider's association. They had rooms on Centre street, held dances, and seemed to spend as much time playing pool and cards as riding their bicycles. The Cycle Club seems to have been a working man's answer to the more middle class Jamaica Club. They couldn't afford a house of their own, but their rooms on Centre street - the address given is at the top of Starr lane - seem to have served them just fine. I'd love to know what happened to the trophies the prizes they collected.

Boston Daily Globe

February 3, 1888

Jamaica Cycle Club Dance.

The second entertainment and dance of the Jamaica Cycle Club, in Eliot Hall, Roxbury, last evening, proved a decided success, socially and financially. The entertainment consisted of banjo and guitar selections by the trio, Edwin C. Chase, E.W. Brewer and Seaverns; solos by Walter J. Cowlishaw, readings by Henry S. Lawton, and guitar solos by Robert Hyde.

Twelve dances occupied the evening until 12 o'clock. The entertainment committee were Charles W. Dennis, Waldo Cushing, Edwin C. Chase and William A. Mosman.

March 11, 1894

Jamaica Cycle

The Jamaica cycle club held its regular monthly meeting last Tuesday evening. Mr E. Griffin, Sidney Cogswell, B. Johnson and H.E. Hill were admitted as members.

The candidates are as follows: President, C.A. Underwood; vice president, J.C. Odell; treasurer, W.R. Cole; secretary, D.C.Valentine Jr; captain, A. Butterworth; first lieutenants, F. Collinson, G. Peterson, G.P. Roberts, J. Kilroe; bugler, W. Johnson; colorbearers, F.H. Valentine, Chas. E. Cobbett, W.J. Wergman.

The election of officers will tke place April 3 at the next regular monthly meeting.

C.A. Underwood - bookkeeper, 44 Green st.
Burton Johnson - pressman, 324 Centre st.
Harry E. Hill - expressman, 160 Hillside, Roxbury
William R. Cole - printer, 64 Mozart st.
A. Butterworth - 12 Dalrymple st. (?)
G. Peterson - machinist, 87 Mozart st.
J. Kilroe - clerk, 3536 Washington st.

February 10, 1895

Jamaica Cycle Club.

At the last monthly meeting, it was voted to purchase and locate one "helping hand" every month, and example which might be followed with profit by every cycle club in the state.

The club also voted to entertain some visiting club, pprovided the national meet is held in Boston.

The second annual dance will be held in Jamaica hall on Feb 12.

A sleighing party will be run this month, and a stereopticon exhibition , to be held in the clubrooms, is in rapid preparation.

April 14, 1895

Jamaica Cycle Club

This club entertained the Shawmuts last Thursday night and lost two games of pool, the scores being: Shawmuts, Hewins 50, Donovan 50; Jamaicas, Larish 41, Vogel 49. In whist the scores were 32 - 20, 21 - 7, and 19 - 8 in favor of Jamaicas.

The club run for today is Waltham, at 2 p.m.

Francis Larish - wire chief, 42 Seaverns ave., boards Enfield st. Dorchester

Boylston Cycle Club.

The final touches have already been made for the ball, which is to take place in Curtis hall, Jamaica Plain, tomorrow night. Tickets have sold extremely well and a large attendance is expected. Everything has been done to make it a success. Arrangements hae been made for the accommodation of wheels for out-of-town clubs.

September 5, 1895

Jamaica Prizes.

Following is a partial list of the prizes in the Jamaica cycle club road race next Saturday:

Wheel, solid silver cyclometer engraved with the date and name of the winner, a pair of tires, revolver, bicycle pants, billiard cue, cyclometer, bicycle pants, adjustable handle bars, shoes, saddle, card table, pedals, 10,000 cyclometer, smoking set, luggage carrier, langer, cyclometers, etc. Time prize $30 diamond.

Those desiring to be shown over the course can be a accommodated by calling at 656 Centre st, Jamaica Plain, evenings after 7. The course is as follows: Start, corner South and MOrton sts, South the Centre, Centre to Baker, Baker to Mt Vernon, Mt vernon to La Grange, La Grange to Spring, Spring to Centre, Centre to Corey, Corey to Weld, Weld to Centre, finishing at Monument, junction Centre and South.

January 25, 1899

Cycle Men The Hosts.

Jamaica club Gives Its Sixth Annual Ball, Which is a Successful One in All Respects.

The Jamaica cycle club of Jamaica Plain held its sixth annual ball last evening in Curtis hall, the affair being attended by upward of 500 people. The party was in every was successful.

After a concert program by the orchestra there was dancing adn a general good time until 1 o'clock.

The success of the ball was in a great measure due to the work of the following committee of arrangements, assisted by the members in charge of the floor: J.E. McGuire chairman, W.R. cole, George Drown, Henry F. Gerlach, James T. Kilroe, Henry Hulme and J.H. Egan. Those in charge of the floor were: Le van Molineux floor director, Henry F. Gerlach assistant floor director, A.W. Butterworth, Clarance Cassidy, John Chamberlain, Edward Coombs, Charles Coombs, John H.Egan, J.J.N. Foley, H.E. Hudson, J.W. Sargent, W.C. Yule and George Connor aids.

February 12, 1899

Jamaica Cycle Club.

A gander party will be given by the members to their friends on the evening of Feb 21.

Andrew Lannon was presented with a $5 gold piece for selling the most tickets for the dance.

Five new members were elected recently.

Henry Gerlach leads in the pool tournament with 195 points, followed by H. Lipps with 100 points.

C. Cassidy leads in the cribbage tournament with 1816 points, followed by J. Kilroe with 1711 points, W. Cole 1708, G. Drown 1695, H. Hulme 1672, H. Hudson 511, C. Coombs 395.

Henry Gerlach - plumber, 15 Rockview st.
Clarence Cassidy - shipper, 69 Boylston st.
Henry Hulme - carpenter, 64 Keyes st.
Charles Coombs - machinist, 2 Hillside ave.

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