Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Zoo At Franklin Park

Note the dates of the articles. The wheels of government turn slowly. The Parkman Fund refers to money left by George Francis Parkman for the care of parks in the City of Boston.

Boston Daily Globe March 19, 1888

The "Zoo" at Franklin Park.

Definite arrangements have been concluded for the establishment of a zoological garden, in occupancy of that portion of Franklin Park on the corner of Walnut avenue and Seaver street, taking in the present entrance opposite School street, and extending along Seaver street about midway towards Blue Hill avenue, and covering a large tract of territory. This part of the grounds is particularly eligible for the purpose, on account of its rustic nature, a large part abounding in ledges, acclivities and groves. Suitable buildings will be erected in consonance with plans now being perfected, and the various components of a grand zoo, equalling at least anything in this country, will be furnished as speedily as possible.

June 25, 1910

Favors New Zoo At Franklin Park.

But Parkman Committee Takes No Action.

Recommends $10,000 be Used to Improve Charlesbank.

The special committee of the city council on the Parkman fund, Councilor Hale presiding, held a meeting at city hall yesterday afternoon at which the members discussed the project of establishing a zoo at Franklin park. There were representatives present from the art and park commissions.

The discussion was general, and though no definite action was taken, the members of the committee expressed themselves in favor of the establishment of the zoo.

The committee voted to report to the next meeting of the city council "ought to pass" on the order appropriating from the Parkman fund income for this year the sum of $10,000 to be used in improving the Charlesbank.

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