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St Andrew's Methodist Episcopal Church

I think this is the first church article that does not have a picture or description of the building with it. The map below shows the former location of the church on Centre street. Maybe some one will read this entry and send in an old photo of grandma's wedding.

Boston Daily Globe February 26, 1901

Children In Interesting Scenes. Little People of St Andrew's M.E. Church Sing and Act With Great Skill.

St Andrew's Methodist Episcopal church, Centre and Waldron sts, Heath station, was crowded last evening, the attraction being a children's concert under the direction of Mr and Mrs J.E. Hallowell. For a number of weeks the children have been hard at work training for the concert, and the success last evening amply repaid them for all their efforts.

It was one of the most successful affairs ever given by the society and the applause of the audience attested to the capability of those taking part.

The concert opened with a selection, "Monclair Galon," by Miss Caroline Besarick and Miss Ivaloo Wood with mandolins, accompanied by Mrs Hallowell at the piano. Miss Helen Stearns then gave a piano solo.

The next number was the one eagerly looked for by the parents of the children, the cantata "Market Day." As the little ones trooped on to the stage in their pretty gowns, with their baskets, singing their song in clear childish voices, a delightful scene was depicted and the applause was hearty. The solos were very well given by Miss Edith Wides, Miss Amy Blundell, orange girl; Miss Norma Ehrenzeller, tambourine girl, and Miss Edith Boynton, flower girl. A trio of merry maids, Misses Ethel Burbank, Jessie Allen and Mary Hobbs, sang a catchy song in a pleasing manner. Miss Ruth Lynch, the reader, took her part in an excellent manner.

Those in the chorus were Bertha Pflock, Alline Sheridan, Christina Heller, Jessie Lynch, Hazel Wildes, Florence Wildes, Muriel Sheridan, Annie Campbell, Mabel Hobbs and Annie Welch.

An amusing little pantomime was the "Seven Little Grandmothers," impersonated by Misses Hazel Wildes, Florence Wildes, Amy Blundell, Muriel Sheridan, Annie Campbell, Mabel Hobbs and Annie Welch. Dressed in old women's costumes and poke bonnets, with trembling limbs and cracked voices, they limped on the stage and singing their songs and presented a quaint picture.

There was a piano solo by Miss Rebecca Hinckley, violin solo, "The Fisher Maiden," by Master Bert Cronin, piano solo, "Romance Sans Parolis," by Miss Gracie Richards; piano solo, "Mayflower," by Miss Lillie Flowelling; mandolin solo, "La Petito Berceuse," by Miss Caroline Besarick; piano solo "La Norwegienne," by Master Fred Cronin.

The concert closed with the production of scarf fantistics by nine young misses of the Sunshine club. A number of tableaux were given and the girls in their costumes of pink and white presented very attractive pictures in their various postures. Among them were a cross, a ladder, circles, triangles and other settings. Those taking part were Misses Florence Tewkesbury, Addie Gibson, Edith Gibson, Isabel Coutts, Lillian Cochrane, Agnes Hobbs, Mary Anderson, Jeannie Coutts and Johannah Coutts.

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