Saturday, January 19, 2008

Franklin Park Zoo - Getting Closer.

Boston Daily Globe November 24, 1911

Pushing Work At Zoological Gardens. Iron and Masonry Parts Nearly Finished -- Bear Pits Practically complete and Great Bird Cage Progressing.

Work is being rapidly pushed at the Zoological Gardens at Franklin Park, the contractors endeavoring to have the iron and masonry work completed before the snow comes. At the bear pens the heavy walls are nearly finished and the pens themselves lack only a few minor additions.

The large bird cage that is being erected near Humbolt av is nearly completed as far as the iron work is concerned. During the past week the work of putting the girders in place has gone on.

The cage will be 210 feet long, 60 feet high and 50 feet wide, with a large arched roof. Inside the cage will be a number of trees for the birds to roost on and a large cement tank will be put in for the water fowl. I was the intention to have only water fowl in the cage, but it has been decided to put all kinds of birds there. At present the authorities have 37 different kinds of birds in the cage.

Owing to the cold the building of the tank will not start until early in the Spring.

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