Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Buff & Buff

Buff & Buff Transit

Buff & Buff Wye level

The story of the Buff & Buff Manufacturing Company is told on this page. As a young child I lived nearby, and never heard of the factory's existance. Just last year, with my interest in Jamaica Plain history peaked, I was talking to my Mother about the neighborhood, and she mentioned that she could see a factory out the back window of our Marlou Terrace apartment. Being puzzled by the idea of a factory in this residential district, I took a ride to the area, and poked around. Sure enough, in behind some trees on Lamartine street, I could see a brick building that I had never noticed in 40+ years. In that little building, with little local fanfare, world-class surveying equipment was made for much of the 20th Century.

I happened to find some Buff & Buff advertisements online, so I thought I'd make them available here. They come out of industry magazines that have been scanned.

3/5/2008 - I just found a new picture online - someone was selling the theodolite poster. Apparently there's a market for antique engineering equipment porn.

4/12/2008 - The two top pictures come from the Smithsonian Institution web site.

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