Sunday, February 3, 2008

Runaway Horses - Boy Hero

Boston Daily Globe February 12, 1899

Little Hero Of Jamaica Plain.

Guy Sherlock, Aged 9, Cool in the Midst of Danger, Guides Runaway Horses to a Place of Safety.

Jamaica Plain has a youthful hero, a boy of 9, who performed a feat yesterday that for dare-devil recklessness surpasses anything ever witnessed in that locality on the part of a child of his tender years.

Guy Sherlock, the little hero, lives with his parents at 58 Brookside av, Jamaica Plain.

Yesterday morning, with the true spirit of an American schoolboy, he was on Washington st, catching stray rides here and there on the various pungs and sleighs passing up and down the street.

A large experience in grabbing onto moving objects had made him expert in that line. The little fellow had enjoyed a number of rides, when about 9 o'clock there was a commotion down the street.

Coming suddenly in view was a horse attached to a store sleigh, madly tearing down the street. There was a scattering of vehicles to save quarters. It seemed as though nothing but a miracle would stop the flying animal before somebody was hurt.

All at once, right in the midst of the confusion, a small body was seen to rush into the street. Before any one could stop the child, little Guy Sherlock was hanging onto the side of the sleigh like a monkey. The passers-by witnessing the act were struck dumb with horror, and held their breath, expecting every moment to see the sleigh smash into something and the child killed. While they looked on in wonder, however, Guy crawled into the front of the sleigh and then to the seat.

Grabbing the left rein he gave it a strong pull, turning the frantic animal just in time to avoid a couple of electrics. By this time they had reached the engine house near School st. The horse was turned into the building and stopped. Sherlock was thrown out but was not badly hurt.

A big crowd gathered and many words of praise of the act of bravery were heard.

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