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Concert of War Songs

Here's a story that speaks for itself - I won't pontificate.

Boston Daily Globe December 30, 1897

Concert Of War Songs.

Jamaica Plain Choir Gives a Dramatic Entertainment.

One of the most novel entertainments given in Jamaica Plain for a long time was the dramatic concert of wqr songs with vocal and instrumental arrangements interpreted by the choir of the First Methodist Episcopal church at Curtis hall last evening.

The platform was changed into a stage with scenes of the battlefields of the south. A large and fashionable audience was present.

The program was interesting and covered the entire war from the outbreak to its close. Part one was "Off to the Wars." Mr Bowen sang "The Battle Cry of Freedom," and Miss Kate Belle Walton recited "Apostrophe to the Flag." Several selections were given by quartets.

Side pictures of the war composed the second part. "The Struggle Betwen the North and South, Musically Considered," was very cleverly given by Messers Cowlishaw and Sawyer. Selections were given by Mr Clinch. Several tableaux were produced: "Other Refuge Have I None," by Miss Hattie Shields; "Watching," by Miss Snow; "Columbia, Army and Navy," Miss Wetmore and Messrs Tyler and Chapman. Miss Walton recited "Old Canteen" and "The Old Army Button."

The third part was divided into two sections, the first giving a night in camp and the second a day in camp. A pathetic part was the song "The Dying Soldier," by Mr Clinch, assisted by Messrs Worcester and Chapman. "The raw recruit and his ignominious retreat," by Mr Robbins, was amusing.

The last scene was "Home From the Wars," consisting of the popular war songs. It ended with "Hail Columbia," by the whole company, and a grand tableaux, Justice, Miss Snow; Columbia, Miss Wetmore,; liberty, Miss Shields; army, Mr Tyler; the navy, Mr Chapman; the cause of it all, Mr Dennis.

Members from Co B, Cambridge, assisted in the groupings of the various scenes and tableaux.

[a long listing of names followed]

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