Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cundy-Bettoney, Where Are You?

Bromley, 1931 - Roxbury (BPL) (Added 7/2008)

Here's a puzzler. The Cundy-Bettoney company published sheet music and manufactured flutes and clarinets. The earliest reference I can find to the company is 1910. The above advertisement, with Jamaica Plain address, comes from the Music Educator's Journal, March, 1936. They were publishing in Hyde Park in 1946-1954, and manufacturing flutes there in 1961. Maybe someone with knowledge of the company will find this site and enlighten us.

Edit: I found an online reference that puts the company at 106 Chestnut avenue. Google Street View shows a house at that address. More questions...

Addendum: I've had an email from Rusty, who informs me that William Cundy played clarinet in Gilmore's band, which was attached to the Mass. 24th Regiment, and travelled with the Burnside Expedition to North Carolina during the Civil War. Cundy started the business, which Bettoney took over in 1907. In 1919, Cundy-Bettoney took over Boston Musical Instruments.


  1. I have found a bassoon that was used by the US Army Quartermasters Corps with this brand name. So I guess that the may have made all sorts of woodwind instruments.


  2. I have a one the this company's "silver" clarinets. Similar to one I had as a student in the 50's. I wonder if it's worth padding and sprining...

  3. I have a USQMC pat.# 1705638 silver clarinet
    with US stamped on the bell. Does anyone have any info on this? It is in its origional case.

  4. Someone from South Carolina (now living in Knoxville, TN) has a Db piccolo serial #157 from Cundy-Bettony. He guessed it was pre-1900 but looks like maybe early 1900s?

  5. Replies
    1. Yes-after 1907. Likely 1920s.

  6. I found a H.Bettoney sterling flute stamped U.S.
    It has no serial numbers as most I've seen.

  7. I have a cundy bettoney 3 star silver clarinet serial b6192 with case any one know how old or what it might be worth

  8. They come up on eBay occasionally - watch for a while and see what they sell for.

  9. The cundy bettoney company was on clare ave. near the intersection of meterpolitan and hyde pap ave.

  10. i have a H. bettoney three star..u.s.a. the cundy bettoney silver plated verry old,ceril no.an8408.....anyone no if it has any value??

  11. Wow ! # AN8408 is very close to mine I have # AN8427 just 19 apart !!!