Friday, February 8, 2008

A Tangled Web - Or Fogg's Folly

Estate of A. G. Bigelow, scene of the crime.

Does the name Amy Fisher ring a bell? How about Buttafucco? Seems like the more things change, the more they stay the same. I would love to know what happened to the unwise Patrolman Fogg.

Boston Daily Globe December 29, 1885

With A Monkey-Wrench.

The Wife of a Police Officer Nearly Murdered by a Woman -- Robbery Evidently the Motive.

A curious case of assault, in which the motive was evidently robbery, took place at Jamaica Plain last evening. Luckiny the victim was not seriously injured, and the plans of the assailant were frustrated.

Mr. Alanson Bigelow, Jr., owns on Pond street, near Myrtle, Jamaica Plain, an elegant mansion. He lives at Magnolia, and during his absence Mr. Charles W. Fogg and his wife have been intrusted with their care and protection. Mr. Fogg is a police officer attached to Division 13.

Between 9 and 9:30 last evening, the door bell rang, and Mrs. Fogg, who was alone in the house at the time, went to the door, where she found a woman whom she describes as about the medium size, dark complexion, dressed in black clothes and hat, and who wore her hair crimped over her forehead. She asked if Mr. Fogg was at home, and upon receiving a negative reply, said that she came to see him in regard to some person whom Mr. Fogg had helped to move, and she wanted to secure his help again. She then asked permission to go to the water closet. By this means she got access to the hallway, and no sooner was she inside the house than she drew from beneath her shawl a large sized monkey-wrench, and struck Mrs. Fogg a terrible blow over the head. A scuffle followed, during which Mrs. Fogg got the wrench away from the woman, who finally got it back again, striking Mrs. Fogg three more blows and inflicting four severe scalp wounds. The woman then made her escape, leaving her shawl and the wrench behind her, both of which are now in the hands of the police.

Neighbors who hears Mrs. Fogg's cries for assistance raised an alarm, and soon Sergeant McBryan and Patrolmen McMorrow and Watts were at the scene, and began an investigation. Dr. Broughton was called to attend the injured lady,and sewed up the wounds in her head. At a late hour she was comfortable, and will undoubtedly speedily recover from the effects of the assault. Robbery is the only motive that the police can suggest.

New York Times January 1, 1886

Pleasant For Patrolman Fogg.

Boston, Mass., Dec. 31. -- Annie H. McGregor, who was arrested last night on suspicion of having committed the murderous assault upon Mrs. Angeline Fogg, wife of Patrolman Fogg, of Jamaica Plain Station, made a full confession this morning. The cause of the attempted murder was jealousy, the McGregor woman station that Fogg had kept company with her for the past two years. Mrs. Fogg was assaulted by the McGregor woman with a monkey-wrench in her house on Monday night last, and the attack was a most vicious one.

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