Saturday, February 2, 2008

Veterans Against The Reds

The members of the Jamaica Plain American Legion Post of 1919 sound remarkably like their brothers would fifty years later. The resolution speaks for itself - I'm left wondering where Library Hall was.

Boston Daily Globe July 4, 1919

Soldiers Demand "Reds" Be Deported

The following resolution relative to the recent activities of Bolsheviks and Reds was unanimously adopted at a meeting of Michael J. O'Connell Post of the American Legion of Jamaica Plain, held in Library Hall last evening.

"Resolved, That Michael J. O'Connell Post, of the American Legion unalterably opposes all societies, leagues and organizations which have as their object the overturning of Government and of law and order in the United States; unqualifiedly condemns the recent cowardly and murderous activities of so-called 'Reds' in this country; urges all men who have been in the military and naval services aggressively to participate in ferreting out and identifying those individuals adn demands the enactment of legislation by Congress providing for the deportation of all Bolshevists, Reds and other aliens who are enemies of the principles of freedom and democracy for which the soldiers and sailors of this country fought in the World War."

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