Saturday, February 9, 2008

Green Street - High Crime Area

For some reason, Green street in the 1850s shows up in the crime department again. The school in question was probably the one that predated the Bowditch at the same location. You can see an 1874 map showing the school here. Look near the upper left.

New York Daily Times October 10, 1856

Highway Robbery -- Assault Of A School Teacher In The Daytime In Jamaica Plain.

Miss Caroline F. Atherton, a teacher in the Primary School on Green-street, Jamaica Plain, while proceeding to her school from her residence, was attacked by four young men and a boy, pushed down and robbed of her gold watch and chain, valued at $100. Miss Atherton cried "Stop thief!" and was heard by Mr Whiting B. Davis, who was at work on the Railroad near the Depot. Mr. Davis immediately pursued two of the young rascals and the boy. The other two escaped with the watch and chain. Miss Atherton was not injured. The boy was detained at the Almshouse, and the two young men locked up. -- Boston Journal.

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