Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jamaica Plain Builds Planes

The full story of the Sturtevant Aeroplane Company can be seen at the Sturtevant web site here.
It is interesting that the company history makes no reference to potential service in Mexico. The Aeroplane company was headquartered in Jamaica Plain, but some of the work was done in Readville. The linked story above tells us that the order for the four planes described below was cancelled at a later date. Not before I could get an entry about it.

Boston Daily Globe March 31, 1916

Battleplanes For U.S. Army In Mexico

Jamaica Plain Concern Is Building Four.

Machines of Special Design for Use Under Difficult Conditions.

The Sturtevant Aeroplane Company of Jamaica Plain has just received from the United States Army Signal Corps an order for four Sturtevant steel battleplanes for use in Mexico. Work on the machines has begun.

The planes will be equipped with (?)-horse power motors and are of a special design for use under the difficult conditions which the Army aviators have met with in Mexico.

Last winter Lieut B.Q. Jones experimented with the Sturtevant planes at Readville, and the concern was subsequently awarded a medal of merit by the Aero Club of America.

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