Friday, November 30, 2007

Agassiz School Class Pictures

Agassiz school, Class of 1966, 5th grade.
Miss Moretti, teacher.
Front row from left: Tom McGrath, John Wittikin (sp), X, X, X.
Second row: X, X, X, X, X, X, Jean Wong.
Third row: X, Ellen (?), X, X, X, X, X, X, Gail (or Dale), X.
Back row: X, Byron Sharbetian, X, X, Jim Breare, X, X, X, Mark Bulger.

Class of 1966, 4th grade (I think)
Miss O'Hara, teacher
Front row: X, John Wittikin, Tommy Grasso, X, X, X, Karl Kooper.
Second row: Gail (or Dale), Kris, X, X, X, X, Kathy Brewer.
Third row: X, Tom McGrath, Mark Bulger, X, X, X, Ellen (?), X, X, X, X, X.
Fourth row: X, X, Linda Kitners, X, X, .

Class of 1966
3rd Grade
Front row: X, James Skelley, X, X, Joey Lane. X, John Wittikin, X, Fred Carey.
Second row: Susan Kenney X, X, X, Kris (?), Deborah Noseworthy, Jean Wong.
Third row: Kevin Mallard, Audrey Grynkiewicz, Gail/Dale (?), Anita (?), X, X, X, Charles (?).
Back row: Billy Devine, Mark Bulger, Edmund (?), Byron Sharbetian, Will (?).

These are the three class pics I managed to hold on to over the years. All read left to right. X marks an unknown name. (?) represents a forgotten last name. I'm shakey about some of the names, but I wrote them as I remember them. Gail and Dale were twins, so I don't know which was in my class in any particular year. Jane Gomperts provided some help, but all mistakes are mine. Click on them for a better look if you can contribute names. Kris bothers me particularly. I met her years later and was an usher in her wedding. Sorry Kris, my bad for not remembering your last name.

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  1. Hello, in the class of 1966 3rd grade picture, third row, the Charles? would be my brother Charles F. Townsend.
    Thank you, Keith Townsend