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Post Office On The Move

The new post office at Woolsey square. 1890

Richards, L.J. 1899 (copyright © 2000 by Cartography Associates)
David Rumsey Collection

Green street runs across the top of the map. The Woolsey block is the pink (brick) building at the corner of Green street facing the outbound train station. The post office is is the wood frame (yellow) building labeled at the bottom center. Gordon street comes in from the left.

Early in 1890, the Jamaica Plain post office moved into new quarters. Twelve years earlier it had moved from its long home in Seaver's block on Centre street to Woolsey's block at the Jamaica Plain station at Green street. Increasing business required larger accomodations, and when the current lease approached its end the post office sought a new home. The landlord could not accomodate them in the existing building, but offered them a place in a building he was about to remodel.

The new office featured two rooms, one for public business and one for the carriers.

Source: Boston Daily Globe January 22, 1890

Corner of Green and Cheshire streets, opposite the Bowditch school. The picture comes from the Boston Public Library Print Department.

Boston Daily Globe June 9, 1918

Transfer Jamaica Plain's Post Office To New Location

Jamaica Plain's Post Office, for 10 years at the corner of Green and Cheshire streets, was transferred yesterday afternoon to new quarters at the corner of Centre and Myrtle sts, in the center of the business section of the district. The work of moving was completed after the close of the day's business last night, but had been in progress during the latter part of last week.

It was planned to have the new quarters occupied on June 1, but the building was not ready on time. The new location is in a block which has been thouroughly remodeled. Car lines pass the door.
The 10-year lease of the Greet st building expired in March.

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