Wednesday, November 7, 2007

An Organist Remembered

I found this picture of Central Congregational Church online. The file name says 1940s, and the car parked beside the church supports the dating. During the war, my mother lived just to the right on Seaverns avenue. When my parents got married, they moved in to an apartment just two doors down. My mother was a member of Central Congregational, a singer in the choir, and a regular at church picnics and functions.

During those years, the late Daniel Pinkham came to spend some time as the organist and music director. For those who don't know, Dan Pinkham went on to teach at the New England Conservatory and become a world-famous organ soloist and composer. If you've listened to classical music on public radio in Boston for any length of time, you've heard Dan Pinkham featured at one time or another.

I did a Google search for Dan and came up with 13,800 hits. When I added "Central Congregational" to the search, it went down to 9 hits, only one of which was relevant. Apparently, the only people who know that Dan worked at Central Congregational are at the church itself - it was their web site that mentioned Dan. The official Daniel Pinkham web site,, does not mention Central Congregational in its biography section. I suspect that the hoity-toity of Boston classical music just aren't interested in a little church in Jamaica Plain. At least one person still remembers and appreciates the work Dan did at Central Congregational.

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