Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Raising Of The Railroad Tracks - Part III

Boston Daily Globe September 25, 1894

The work of raising the railroad tracks of the New York, New Haven & Hartford railroad tracks began in September of 1894 with the diversion of the Stony brook channel at Forest Hills. As the brook ran too closely to the existing rail bed at Forest Hills and Boylston station to allow the raising of the tracks, a new channel was required 30 feet out from the existing one. The channel in its new location at Forest Hills would be 1400 feet long and 15 feet deeper than before, and between Boylston and Centre streets 2600 feet of new channel would be necessary.

In order to move the brook channel and rearrange the Heath street freight yards as necessary, the commission planning the work announced that land would be taken, including property between Heath street and the end of Lamartine street. Also, Albert street in Roxbury would be moved to the west, and a change would be needed in the location of Bromley Park.

Source: Boston Daily Globe September 25, 1894

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