Monday, November 19, 2007

Randall-Faichney Company

Randall-Faichney manufactured automotive parts on Amory avenue, off Amory street and along the east side of the railroad tracks just north of Boylston station. For some reason, they give Jamaica Plain station (Green street) as an address. Perhaps they were using the post office as their mail drop. They later started producing medical supplies, including syringes. The spark plug listed above seems to have been patented in 1914.

Advertisements like the one shown above are being cut out of old magazines and sold as collectibles, so if your grandparents have piles of magazines, hold on to them.

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  1. I have a very nice automotive oiler made of brass that is clearly marked by this company. The main brass tube body of my oiler is marked "BOULEVARD MOTOR OILER THE RANDALL FAICHNEY CO. BOSTON" no street address given. Also marked with a fancy trade mark and the words "B-LINE". The trade mark show an auto chassis along with an oiler. The unit comes with attachments and is in the original box. Very rare! If you know more about this company, please go to my website and email me from there. Thanks, John