Sunday, November 25, 2007

J.P. Puzzler


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So where were these pics taken? Hint: it's at the edge of Jamaica Plain, and it's public property.

We have a winner! Pagel park is between the railroad tracks and Hyde Park avenue opposite Wyvern street. That puts it right at the edge of Roslindale. The tunnel came out at the south edge of the Archdale housing projects where Brookway terrace ends.

Stony brook once crossed Hyde Park avenue right at the north edge of Pagel park and went under the railroad tracks. A City of Boston street directory of 1955 lists a Brookway Footpath between Brookway Terrace on the west side of the tracks and Hyde Park avenue on the east. This must have been it. The Archdale side is totally blocked off, but the stone wall on the Pagel side is still in view if you walk up close.

Congrats to Massmarrier - I buy you a virtual beer!


  1. Wow, you got me! I thought I knew JP well, but I don't know where this is.

  2. Is this one of the tunnels leading (sort of) out of the east side of the Arboretum?

  3. I've heard rumors of a tunnel under Doyle's bar/restaurant.

  4. The Arboretum tunnel is at the end of Arboretum rd., off Washington st. You can also see it when you drive South street from Walter st. towards Roslindale sq.

    The Stony brook conduit passes under the front corner of Doyle's. If you look at a map, the conduit runs alongside Meehan st., and passes under Doyle's before crossing under Washington st. It turns on the far side of the ball field, and crosses under Green st and follows Brookside ave for a short way.

    Keep the guesses coming.

  5. How about on the West side of Pagel field and formerly leading to the housing projects on Washington Street?

  6. I'm gonna say Franklin Park or somewhere near to it. My only other thought is by Forest Hills, maybe by Morton St on that hill there.

  7. My aunts and uncle used to live right across the street from there. It's around 330 Hyde Park Avenue, and that tunnel was open for travel when I was a kid. Even when it was open, it was scary as hell. The playground was on one side of it, and I believe railroad tracks traversed the top of it - I might be mistaken on that - and it came out to... I'm not sure.

    Gee, I don't know one hell of a lot, but I know for certain where one end of it is!

  8. Massmarrier was correct. It came out at the south end of the Archdale housing projects. There was some kind of industrial plant on the Washington street side of the tracks opposite where the Pagel park is now. I remember round stacks and big conveyors, like a gravel crushing plant. I'd love to know what that business was.

    1. It was an old coal house. I use to play in the old remains as a kid climbing the old conveyers and jumping into the old piles of coal(late 50's)