Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Streets M - P

Maple place
Marbury terrace - 1895
Marlou terrace
Marmion street - 1885
May street - 1825 (probably a public highway earlier)
McBride street - (see Keyes street below)
Meehan place - 1900
Meehan street - 1898 (shown on plan 1883)
Merriam street
Minton street
Montebello road - 1895
Morton street - previous to 1832 in part
Moss Hill road - 1892
Mozart street - 1887
Myrtle street - 1876

Neponset avenue - 1871
Newbern street - 1850
New Heath street - 1859
Newsome park - 1897

Oakdale street - 1884 (Oak place, 1876)
Oakdale terrace
Oakview terrace - 1899
Olmstead street - 1893
Ophir street - 1892
Orchard street - 1866

Parker street - 1871 (laid out from Heath to Centre sts)
Park lane - 1895
Parley avenue - 1880
Parley vale - 1884
Patten street - 1896
Paul Gore street - 1882
Peabody place
Perkins street - 1825
Peter Parley road - 1891
Plainfield street - 1890
Pond street - 1825 (probably a public highway earlier)
Porter street - 1876
Prince street - 1828

* A street like Parker street was laid out in sections at different dates, and often under different names. I gave the date for the short section within the current boundaries of Jamaica Plain as I define then.


  1. Mendell Way is not on here. I'm just curious about when it was created and why it wasn't made a thru street? The fact that it's a dead end that leads to stairs that put you on Dalrymple St. makes no sense. Also, always wondered why Dalrymple is "L" shaped.

  2. Anon

    Dalrymple is L shaped because the land on Amory st was already laid out before Dalrymple. The brick house in the middle of the block on Amory was already there, blocking the path of Dalrymple if it came through all the way. Boylston place was also laid out, and houses were built by 1884, so Dalrymple would have come through them too. There were three owners of the land where Dalrymple runs now, two with the same last name. They must have gotten together to lay out the street to sell house lots. The short leg of Dalrymple was originally called Georgianna on maps. Where Mendell way is now, it looks like there were houses there at the time, so the street wasn't laid out from Boylston to Schools sts.