Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jack the Spanker

Two curious crime stories in a row. Nothing intended - it just worked out that way.

Boston Daily Globe June 12, 1899

May Be "The Spanker"

Man Arrested in Jamaica Plain While Chasing a Little Girl

"Jack the Spanker," the man who has been terrorizing the vicinity of Jamaica Plain was caught in that district late last night, the police believe. He was arrested in the act of attempting to chasitse a little girl whom he had chased and grabbed.

The policeman who made the arrest had been watching him for some time because of his suspicious conduct, and, it is said, saw him chase the child. When he was brought to the station it was seen that he was under the influence of liquor, so when locked up the only charge placed against him on the books is that of drunkenness. However, he was partially identified by several Jamaica Plain residents.

This morning several parties from Roxbury and Dorchester, who have seen the man who was responsible for several of the attempted assaults in those districts, will go to Jamaica Plain and view the man in custody.

Upon the views of those who will attempt to identify him today will depend the character of the charge that will be made against him in court this morning.

Boston Daily Globe June 15, 1899

Not "Jack The Spanker"

Gustaf A. Frockberg Held on a Charge of Drunkenness Only.

Gustaf A. Frockberg, the supposed "Jack the Spanker" held by the police of station 13, Jamaica Plain, on the supposition that he might be the terrorizer of the suburban districts of Boston, is not the real "Jack the Spanker" after all. He was arrested Sunday evening off Washington st by patrolman McCarthy, after he had been seen by the officer talking to a couple of little girls.

He was arraigned in the West Roxbury district court Monday morning on the charge of drunkenness. When questioned as to the spanking business he denied all connection with anything of the kind.

To give the police a chance to have him identified by the children, the case was continued until yesterday.

Since then several of the children have seen him, some of them being in court this morning. None could identify him and the charge of drunkenness alone was pressed against him. He was fined $10.

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