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Jamaica Plain Directory, 1873-74

The Brookline, Jamaica Plain and West Roxbury Directory for 1873-74 is available online for download, which is really nice. Until people started combining internet hosting with scanning, publications like this one sat in libraries unread by all but dusty academic types who knew where to look and what to look for. Now, the Jamaica Plain Historical Society makes this particular book available to all here.

The directory has two listings, one for residents and one for businesses. The business listing is by category: carpenter, grocer, etc. That makes sense for customers, but I'm more interested in where businesses were located at the time. Sooo... I translated the listing to my preference.

I tried to put the listings in order as you would find them along the streets. That may not hold entirely, but it's close enough for now. When businesses were listed under multiple categories, I show it. When there was a lot of overlap - Grocer, Provisions - I sometimes left out the second listing just to save myself the typing. You won't see anything from Hyde square east along Centre street, or Heath street. This is a West Roxbury directory, so they considered that area Roxbury. Also note they didn't use street numbers at the time. Apparently there were so few buildings on most streets that they figured that you would just look for signs or ask someone. I'll try to remove mistakes and typos as I find them.

I should add; this is not a comprehensive listing of the businesses of the time, just those that advertised in this particular directory.

Alveston, near Harris - Benjamin Putnam, Drawing Teacher

Beethoven, near Shawmut - William Boardman, Artist

Bismark - Haffenreffer & Co., Brewery

Boylston, near station, John Kaplinger, Variety store
Boylston, near station - Theodore Lenty, Restaurant
Boylston, near station - John King, Provisions
Boylston, near station - Mrs M.J. Woods, Physician
Boylston, near Station - James Blundell, Boots and Shoes
Boylston, near Station - Grover & Tower, Grocer, Wooden ware
Boylston, opposite Boylston Station - Edward Greiser, Baker
Boylston, near Lamartine - John Werdersum, Dry goods
Boylston, near Lamartine - Frederick Rudolph, Boots and Shoes
Boylston, corner of Lamartine - Frank Ganter & Co. - Provisions
Boylston station - T. Keogh, House and Sign painter
Boylston station - Greenlaw & Gillis, Coal & Wood
Boylston station - D.D. Skilling, Express

Boylston avenue, near Boylston station - Charles Dolan, Leather mfg.
Boylston avenue, near Green (home) - Margaret Dolan, Dressmaker
Boylston avenue, near Jamaica Plain station - Alan Burke, House and Sign painter

Brookside avenue - Miss A. Bowker, Boarding House
Brookside avenue - Mrs S. Parker, Boarding House
Brookside avenue - David Handy & Sons, Masons and Plasterers, Stucco
Brookside avenue - Etna Rubber Mills
Brookside avenue and Green - F. Kohlhepp, Jamaica Plain Dye House

Burroughs, near Brewer - James Thompson, Clergy (Unit.)
Burroughs, near Brewer - Cecile Rickly, French Teacher
Burroughs, near Brewer - Marie Rickly, French Teacher

Byron ct., near School - Joseph Byron & Sons, Curriers, Leather mfg.
Byron ct., near School - John Bowdlear, Pumps

Canterbury, near Walk Hill - A.P. Hodgden
Canterbury, near Mt Hope - Martin Morris, Grocer

Centre, near Perkins - Charles Fogg, Carpenter and Builder, Furniture repair
Centre, oppostie Perkins - Miss Frances O'Reilly Dressmaker
Centre, corner of Boylston - Benjamin Wing, Physician
Centre, corner of Pond - Mrs Elizabeth Wentworth, Boarding House
Centre, near Myrtle - Estabrook Bros., Provisions
Centre, near Myrtle - J. Buchanan, Boots and Shoes, Clothing, Tailors
Centre, near Green - George James & Co., Crockery and Glassware, Grocer, Wooden ware
Centre, corner of Green - Kelley & Cormack, Carriage Trimmer
Centre, corner of Green - Norcross & Myrick, Crockery and Glassware, Grocer, Hardware, Wooden ware
Centre, corner of Green - J.P. Fenno & Co., Flour, grain
Centre, near Seaverns - Thomas Robinson, Carriage Trimmer, Harness Maker
Centre, White's block - S.B. Jenness, Crockery and Glassware
Centre, White's block - Miss C.E. Daniell, Dressmaker
Centre, White's block - E.W. Clark, Dry goods
Centre, White's block - Bernard Murray, Hairdresser
Centre, White's block - C.E. Daniel, Millinery goods
Centre, corner of Burroughs - Alexander Clough, RestaurantCentre, White's block - E.H. Fairbanks, Clocks
Centre, near Burroughs - George Barrett, Apothecary
Centre, opposite Burroughs - Charles Rodgers, Apothecary
Centre, opposite Burroughs - Joseph Goodnow, Baker
Centre, near Burroughs - Edward Brophy & Co., Harness Maker
Centre, near Burroughs - Alexander Clough, Billiards
Centre, Reed bldg, near Harris ave - W.F.&J.D. Fallon, Fish dealer
Centre, corner of Harris - Mrs Lizzie Cheney, Dressmaker
Centre, corner of Harris - Judson Carleton, Provisions
Centre, White's block - White, Mayo & Paine, Gas fitters, Hardware, Kitchen furnishing, plumbers, Stoves
Centre, corner of Thomas - C.W. Drew, Graining and Glazing, House and Sign Painter
Centre, opposite White's Block - Benedict & Foster, Carpenters and Builders
Centre, opposite White's Block - John Kendall, Carpenter and Builder
Centre, Post Office building - Miss S.A. Payne, Fancy Goods, Ladies furnishings
Centre, Post Office building - Horse Railroad Station
Centre, Post Office building - Silas Poole, Circulating Library, Periodicals
Centre, near Post Office - John McNally, Fancy Goods, Intelligence office
Centre, opposite Post Office building - Miss S.A. Payne, Dry goods
centre, opposite Harris avenue - Robert Seaver & Sons, Crockery and Glassware, Grocer, Wooden ware
Centre, at Seaver & Sons - Frank White, order box (express)
Centre, at Seaver & Sons - Alvin White, order box (express)
Centre, at Seaver & Sons - Watson, order box (express)
Centre, at Seaver & Sons - Carriage Conveyance (order box)
Centre, James block - George Phillips, Read Estate Agent
Centre, near Eliot - George Slader, Gas fitter
Centre, near South - Abel Locke, Fish Dealer, Provisions
Centre, near South - Russell Little, Physician
Centre, near Monument - George Trott, Carpenter and Builder
Centre, corner of Eliot - Joseph Hankey, Confectioner
Centre, near Allendale - Martin Lewis, Butcher

Centre place - Charles Perkins, Mason

Chauncey place, near Shawmut - Luther Bullock & Sons, Masons

Chestnut place - Morgan Dura, Clergy (Baptist)

Chapel, near Boylston - A.D. Crabtree, Physician (Homeopathic)

Child, near South - George Fuller, Carriage and Ornamental Painter, House and Sign painter

Elm - John Wester, Architect
Elm, near Green - Joseph Clark, Clergy (Cong.)
Elm, near Jamaia Plain station - Alex. Montgomery, Painter (Fresco), House and Sign painter, Paper hanger

Forest Hills, near Williams - Patrick McMorrow, Contractor
Forest Hills avenue - E. Camfill, Marble & Monument works

Forest Hills station - Western Union Telegraph

Glen, near Boylston - Charlotte Hill, Dressmaker
Glen, near Boylston - Frampton Bros., Morocco Dressers

Green, near Centre - Mrs M.A. Draper, Physician (obstetrics)
Green, near Centre - Cornelius Clapp, Kitchen Furnishings, Plumber, Roofing, Stoves
Green, near Centre - Archibald Ramsey, Horse Shoer
Green, near Centre - Mark Davis, Graining and Glazing, House and Sign painter
Green, near Centre - Alexander Dickson, Blacksmith, Carriage Builder,
Green, near Centre - Charles Pratt, Carriage and Sign Painter
Green, near Centre - Paul Lincoln, Carpenter and Builder
Green, near Centre - Alexander McDonald, Carriage Builder, Wheelwright
Green, corner of Chestnut - Mrs Reuben Card, Boarding House
Green, corner of Elm - C.W. Whittemore & Co., Flour and grain
Green, Bartlett's building - Alden Bartlett, Real Estate Agent
Green, Bartlett's building - Bennett & Barnard, Pumps
Green, Bartlett's building - Charles Page, Insurance, Real Estate agent
Green, Bartlett's building - Thomas Durant, Furniture repair, Upholsterers
Green, Bartlett's building - Arthur Hunking, Civil Engineer
Green, Bartlett's building - Herschel Clemens, Civil Engineer
Green, Bartlett's building - Alden Bartlett, Auctioneer
Green, Bartlett's building - George Henderson, Clothing Dealer, Tailor
Green, Bartlett's building - Charles Keyes, Lawyer
Green, Elson building - E.S. Olpin, Fancy Goods
Green, opposite Depot - Gideon Walker, Carpenter and Builder
Green, opposite Depot - Theodore Lenty, Cigars and Tobacco
Green, opposite Depot - Leopold Vogel, Boots and Shoes
Green, opposite Depot - John Blackburn, Crockery and Glassware, Grocer
Green, oppostie Depot - Thomas Ferguson, Boots and Shoes
Green, opposite Depot - D.A. Brown, Crockery and Glassware, Grocer, Wooden ware
Green, opposite Depot - David Keezer, Fish Dealer, Provisions
Green, opposite Depot - Dennis & Widmarth, Grocer
Green, opposite Depot - Nicholas Albrecht, Hairdresser
Green, opposite Depot - John Dickson, Periodicals, Picture Frame maker
Green, near Depot - S. Hawkins, Watch and Clockmaker
Green, near Depot - W.H. Peabody, House and Sign painter
Green, near Depot - Samuel Hazlewood, Furniture repair
Green, near Depot - Joseph Shaw, Carpenter and Builder
Green, near Depot - William Starr, Carriage Builder
Green, near Depot - John Blackburn, Wooden Ware
Green, near Depot - Anton Krasinski, Cabinet Maker
Green, near Depot - Milton Young, Carriage Conveyance
Green, near Depot - Peter Kolb, Boots and Shoes, Gent's Furnishings, Trunks
Green, near Depot - Alfred Bestwick, Carriage Trimmer, Harness Maker
Green, near Depot - William Starr, Blacksmith
Green, near Depot - Mrs H.H. Chase, Fancy Goods, Ladies furnishings
Green, near R.R. - Eagle Rubber Mills
Green, opposite Brookside - Joseph Leonard, Grocer
Green, corner of Union ave - H.R. Jordan & Co., Carpenters and Builders
- Robert Greene, Carriage and Sign Painter
- Edmund Wallace, Carriage Builder, Wheelwright
Green, near Shawmut - Samuel Hazelwood, Cabinetmaker, Upholsterer
Green, near Shawmut - Ayers & Lynch, Carpenter and Builder
Green, corner of Shawmut - George Maher, Lager beer saloon

Harris avenue - Robert Jameson, Physician
Harris avenue - Joseph Winkler, Physician

Jamaica Plain Station - West Roxbury Gazette (Charles Farrar, ed.)
Jamaica Plain Station - Albert Eayrs, Apothecary
Jamaica Plain Station - Western Union Telegraph

Elson building, opposite Jamaica Plain station - E.S. Olpin, Dry goods

Forest Hills street, near Glen road - Forest Hills Institute

Keyes, near South - John Ervine, Junk Dealer
Keyes, near South - John Erickson, Butcher
Keyes, near R.R. - John Ryan, Grocer
(Keyes is now McBride st)

Lamartine, near Boylston - Charles Leroy, Carpenter and Builder
Lamartine, near Boylston (home) - Mrs E. Blye, Dressmaker
Lamartine, near Cedar - James Nugent,, Florist
Lamartine, near Green - J.S. Munson, Music teacher

Lee, near Keyes - William Duffy (house), Bell Hanger, Locksmith

Maple place, corner of Seaverns - H.B. Cross, Physician

Myrtle, near Centre - Obadiah Adams, Stone Layer

Oak place, near Green - H.A. Perry, House and Sign painter

Pond, near Eliot - Eben Vaughn, Boarding House

Porter, near Boylston avenue - Mrs Cornelius Fisher, Nurse
Porter, near Boylston avenue (home) - Mrs Robert Green, Dressmaker

School, near Shawmut - William Whitten, Mason

Seaverns, corner of Maple place - Joseph Stedman, Physician
Seaverns, near Revere - Josepy Page, Real Estate agent
Seaverns corner of Elm - John Wester, Carpenter and Builder
Seaverns avenue - Mrs Sephronia Hills, Music teacher

Shawmut, near School - William Wallace, Fish dealer, Oysters, Grocer
Shawmut, corner of School - William Wallace, Confectioner
Shawmut, near Green - Thomas Barrett, Nurseryman
Shawmut, near Green - Daniel Carroll, Blacksmith
Shawmut, near Green - Mrs Geo. Belford, Grocer
Shawmut, near Forest Hills station - S. Bearse, Fish dealer, Grocer
Shawmut, at Forest Hills station - Henry Murry, Granite curbing, Marble & Monumental works
Shawmut, near R.R. - Mrs. Daniel Fallon, Grocer
Shawmut, near R.R. - Mrs Margaret Logan, Grocer
Shawmut, corner of Morton - Anthony McLaren, Florist
Shawmut, corner of Morton - Charles Weltin, Florist
Shawmut, corner of Morton - Horse Railroad STation
Shawmut, near South - Horace Lindall, Blacksmith, Carriage Builder, Wheelwright
Shawmut, near Walk Hill - Miss Emma Andrews, Physician (Magnetic)
(Shawmut is now Washington st)

South, near White ave - Thomas Magennis, Clergy (Cath.)
(White ave is now Jamaica st)
South, near Keyes - John Denief, Blacksmith
South, near Keyes - Blackburn & Henderson, Carriage Builders
South, opposite Keyes - Horse Railroad Station
South, corner of Walk Hill - Cyrus Marshall, Crockery and Glassware, Flour, grain
South, near railroad station - Seaverns & Co. Crockery and Glassware, Flour, grain

Spring Park, near Centre - Edward Smith, Carpenter and Builder

Star Lane, near Centre - William Sumner, Carpenter and Builder

Thomas, near Burroughs - Dan Smalley, Private School
Thomas, near Centre - Robert Rose, House and Sign painter
Thomas, near Centre - James Hammond, Upholsterer, Window shades

Union, near Shawmut - James O'Brien, Florist
Union, near Green - Miss Margaret Lawler, Dressmaker
Union, near Green - Daniel O'Brien, Graining and Glazing, House and Sign painter, Paper Hanger

Walk Hill, near Canterbury - Orlando Deshon, Carpenter and Builder

A few thoughts. I've read that the Seaver store was the post office. This directory reads as if there was a separate building for the post office, but it may be that they asked the business for their location, and just entered what they were told. There's a similar question about the businesses at the Jamaica Plain station. For some entries, it's not clear exactly where the busines was. The Jamaica Plain Station entries above may have been in the Bartlett building, or across the street on the Oakdale street side.

Returning to Centre street, I'm not sure were the James building was. White's block was at the south corner of Centre street and Seaverns avenue. There were both homeopathic and magnetic (?) physicians in town. The Bartlett building was on the east side of the tracks at the Jamaica Plain station.


  1. Where was the Thomas G. Plant Manufacturing Company located and what happened to it/the land it stood/stands on.

    Thank you

  2. The Plant shoe factory was on Centre street at Bickford street, where the Stop&Shop is now. It was burned down in the 1970s.