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Thirty Years of Stores

I took these listings from advertisements in the Jamaica Plain newspaper of the day. They don't provide an accurate directory of businesses, but I suspect they do approximate what happened over the 32 years represented. The shift from Green street to Centre street seems strong. I left out stores that were not in Jamaica Plain, so you don't see here how important Dudley square was for shopping. Food, clothes and furniture stores attracted customers from Jamaica Plain. My mother tells my that my grandmother shopped in Roxbury regularly. For people living around lower Green street, it may have been easier to get to than Centre street near Burroughs and Eliot.

A few notes:


94 Green street is refered to as "The Ellery" in one advertisement. The address is right around the corner from Lamartine street, near the Bowditch school. Was that the name of the building? I don't recognize it.

J.B. Gould offered free delivery for your groceries as far as West Roxbury. Were people coming in to the store from West Roxbury? Did they live in West Roxbury and commute to Jamaica Plain?


Why were there two theatres between Hyde and Jackson sqs, and none between Hyde sq and the Monument?

My dad worked at Mohican Market right around this time!

Jamaica Plain News 1907

113-115 Brookside Ave - Norfolk Blanket Cleaning - Mattresses, Carpets

Centre & Myrtle - M.T. Wallace - Grocer
644 Centre St - John A. Grant - Fine Harnesses and Saddlery
757 Centre St - George Trott - Market

41 Green St - A.N. Karp "Our Clothes Fit"
45 Green St - Rowen Bros. Plumbing
94 Green St - W.C. Bates - Civil Engineer and Surveyor "The Ellery"
- I. Heller - "Parisian Models" Latest Styles
103 Green St - George Jacques - Green St Hand Laundry
115 Green St - E. Lippett - Fancy and Staple Groceries
116 Green St - D. Winer "Suits Pressed, Repaired"
129 Green St - Donlon Bros. - Market, free delivery
130 Green St - Vogel's Shoes

Woolsey Sq - E.L. Graham's Ice Cream
Woolsey Sq - C.O. Bennett & Sons - Provisions
2 Woolsey sq - T.A. Bacon - Stationary

140 Green St - J.B. Gould - Grocers, Importers. Free delivery to Roslindale and West Roxbury
149 Green St - Thomas Mayo Hardware
177 Green St - B. Cohen - Tailor
180 Green St - Jamaica Alleys - Billiards and Pool
184 Green St - J.O. Pugsley - Formerly Papineau's carriage Livery
199 Green St - T.A. Ross - Carpenter

2 Harris Ave - Malone and Keane - Brick Stables

4 Hyde Park Ave - Thomas F. Minton - Contractor

Jamaica Plain Citizen 1939

287 Centre st - Monte Carlo Cafe
301 Centre st - Alperts Furniture
309 Centre st - Factory Retail
Madison Theatre
Jamaica Theatre
358 Centre st - Rose Ann Dress Shop
640 Centre st - JP Market
647 Centre st - Community Kitchen
Centre and Green sts - Mohican Market
658A Centre st - Gambon's Liquors
660 Centre st - W.T. Grants
664 Centre st - Friends Food Shop
672 Centre st - Gale's Department Store
673 Centre st - Al's Shoe Store
691 Centre st - Eagle Cleansers
716 Centre st - A & P Supermarket
761 Centre st - Stop & Shop Supermarket
779 Centre st - Busy Bee Cleaners

29 Green st - The Tearoom - luncheon
122 Green st - Pioneer Food Store

17 Hathaway st - Osborne L. Locke - vocal instructor

16 McBride st - Washington Laundry

168 South st - Windsor Laundry

3096 Washington st - Chauncy Market
3492 Washington st - Pioneer Food Store

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