Saturday, November 10, 2007

Metropolitan Furniture

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What we have here is an account book from Metropolitan Furniture, which was on Centre street at the north corner of Green street, at the present location of the Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center. This purchase dates to 1952, It lists a bed room set, lamp, hassock and bassinet in the original purchase. Inside, you can see where the balance went up when my parents made another purchase. If you click on the image you can get a full size picture for the details. Payments were made when possible; once a week, once a month, or somtimes longer when times were tough. Payments of $2 were common, and $1 shows up more than once - 1953 must have been a hard year. Leo Kaplan was the owner, and bless his soul he was an understanding man. When one of the clerks tried to give my mother a hard time about her payments, Leo told him that whatever Mrs Bulger had to give was enough.

My mother still has this account book, and five more just like it. Being careful with money and saving receipts is a hard habit to break.

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