Saturday, March 15, 2008

And Another

Eleazer Weld was the last of his family to live in Weld Hall, on the grounds of the present Arnold Arboretum. He also seems to have lost something. There is no record of whether his property was returned to him.

Boston Evening Post February 6, 1769

Ran-away from the Subscriber,

of Roxbury, on Monday Morning the 30th of January last, a Negro Man Servant named Prince, about 18 Years of Age, and Five Feet High, well built, except small Legs; with one of his upper Fore Teeth broke nigh half way to his Gum, and a large Sear on his Belly occasioned by a Scald; talks good English: -- He carried off with him a blue Broadcloth Coat and Waistcoat, with plain yellow Metal Buttons, a double breasted striped Flannel Jacket, and a plain brown ditto, two Pair Leather Breeches, one Pair of white Yarn Stockings, one Pair of blue ditto, two Pair of Shoes, one of said Pair with Shoestrings, two striped Woolen Shirts, and a Felt Hat.

Whosoever shall take up said servant and bring his to me the Subscriber at Roxbury, or confine him, and notify the same, so that his master can have him, shall have FOUR DOLLARS Reward, and all necessary Charges paid, by me,

Eleazer Weld.

Roxbury, Feb 1st, 1769.

N.B. All Masters of Vessels, and Others, are hereby cautioned against harbouring, concealing, or carrying off said servent.

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