Saturday, March 8, 2008

Waxing Poetical

Columbian Centinel January 30, 1822

Lines on leaving "Jamaica Plain."

Sweet Plain of Jamaica I must bid thee farewell,
But I ne'er can forget thee, never, no never;
Thy Lake, and they views, they walks oft will tell,
Of joys now departed, but I trust not forever.

How oft with the friend of my bosom, I've stray'd
On they banks lovely Lake, and watch'd thee below;
And the Sun's setting rays, which sportively play'd
On they surface, reflecting a camelion glow.

How oft have we paused to catch the soft breeze,
As it pass'd o'er thy bosom in murmurs so sweet;
Or list'ned to hear its soft sighs through the trees,
For its whispers of love it would often repeat.

Those moments of pleasure so calm and serene,
Are fled, 'tis true, but the remembrance never;
Oh! when I forget them, forget the sweet never;
Then life will have quitted this bosom forever.

November 9, 1821 Helenora.

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