Monday, March 10, 2008

The Sunnyside Kid

Philadelphia Inquirer November 25, 1906

Wanted To Be A Cowboy

Classical Boston Was Not Exciting Enough For This Youth

Boston, Nov. 24 --- "Whoopee," me for the plains and the glorious life of a free-booter," said Harold Carson, a 13-year-old lad, who lives at 12 Sunnyside street, Jamaica Plain, as he struck the Indian Territory, and, seeing a horse standing in front of a bar-room, saddled and bridled, he mounted in true cowboy style and made for the plain beyond.

"Harold" Carson didn't get far. The owner of the pony missed his steed and pretty soon a posse struck Harold's trail, and, despite explanations, he was lodged in jail, charged with horse stealing.

Carson, whose mind was filled with roseate views of the free and easy West, as depicted in the dime novel, left his home November 14, taking with him $40 and leaving a note saying that he had departed for parts unknown. He purchased a ticket for Denver Col. His money exhausted, when he struck Indian Territory, no doubt explains his present predicament.

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